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Tartanshell's Fanfic Index

Inspired by elspethdixon and others, I've decided to make an index of my fics, forward-dated to be at the top of my journal. This isn't everything I've written since entering fandom in 2002, but it's most of it!

Note: This list doesn't include HP drabbles (there are too many!), any filks, or any theatrical_muse prompt responses that weren't cross-posted to this journal as ficlets.

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Um, apparently I'm going to be doing this:

atlaland is an Avatar: The Last Airbender challenge community, where you join a team and get points by playing games, writing fics, making graphics, and stuff. They only require you to participate once every two weeks, so, it's pretty low-stress. I'm pimping it partly to get points/participation, but also because I would really, really love if some people on my friendslist were playing, too! ♥

I'm on team Earth Kingdom. The signup post is here. If you apply, please mention that tartanshell sent you.

Come play with me!

Still starry-eyed!

Uh, I seem to have acquired a new fandom. Oops?

While I'm trying to formulate replies to the comments on my Avatar post that aren't just "SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE," I hope you don't mind if I ask for recs.

In general, I'm just looking for good AtLA fics, and am really not picky. Post-series epics that seem like canon would be awesomesauce. Anything at all featuring Zuko, Iroh, or Toph, because they're my three very favorites.

What I"m looking for in particular, cut in case of spoilersCollapse )

God, I haven't fallen this hard since...I don't even know. :D


Title: Five Reasons Why (We Don't Mention the Elephant in the Room)
Fandoms: Daredevil/Iron Man 2
Characters/pairing: Matt Murdock (Daredevil)/Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3368
Notes: Written for marvel_crossing, for wabbitseason, for the prompt, What's a beautiful ex-Russian spy doing in Hell's Kitchen?

Feedback is, as always, very much appreciated! ♥

( Five Reasons Why (We Don't Mention the Elephant in the Room) )

Because all the cool kids are doing it

And I love hurt/comfort, and I need to find my fanfic mojo.

My hurt/comfort bingo cardCollapse )

This meme is awesome.

It's a love meme in which you post your username, and then fictional characters (or, y'know, other LJers posting anonymously in-character) are the ones who give you love and ego-boosting. Fun!



More awesome (fannish)

Pimpity pimp: lgbtfest is now taking prompts! Submit yours (or peruse the nifty ideas of others) right here.

Favorite character moments

From fannish5: Five canon moments that turned a character into a favorite character.

1. Snape at the end of GoF, in the moment that launched a thousand million fanfics. (Harry Potter)
2. Saul Tigh on New Caprica. (BSG)
3. Ellen Tigh revealed as the fifth. (BSG)
4. Foggy Nelson in the Daredevil movie: "I take salsa dancing lessons on the weekend, but you don't see me shaking my ass to pay my phone bill." (Daredevil)
5. Wesley joining Angel Investigations. (Angel)



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